Make-up Exams

Make-up exams replace final exams; for students who take make-up exams, other midterms, class participation, assignments, reports, portfolios, and such evaluations affect the course grade letter by the percentage indicated in the course syllabus.

Make-up exams are only open to students who are entitled to attend final exams and have received letters grades of F or NP. These exams do not require additional applications.

Instead of the University Plea committee indicated in article 26/6 of the Undergraduate Study Rules and Regulations, Faculty Executive Board investigates excuses of students who could not attend the finals but still did not receive the letter grade F and can grant entitlement to a make-up exam if sees appropriate.

Make-up exams are open to students who have not taken the final exams due to excuses and have received the letter grades F or NP.

Make-up exams are administered the week following the final exams of Fall, Spring and Summer semesters and are only for students who have failed in that specific semester.

There are no other excuse exams for make-up exams.